OpenAI Delays Launch of Custom GPT Store to Early 2024

OpenAI has pushed back the launch date of its highly anticipated custom Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) store to early 2024, according to an internal company memo seen by Reuters.

Openai GPT Store

The store was originally slated to open in November 2022 but has faced delays as OpenAI continues working to improve its GPT models.

When initially unveiled last month, the store was envisioned as a marketplace where developers could share and sell GPT-powered apps and creations.

In its memo, OpenAI cited ongoing efforts to enhance safety, quality, and performance as the reason behind the postponed launch. The delay comes during a turbulent period for the artificial intelligence research laboratory.

OpenAI underwent a short-lived leadership shakeup in mid-November when CEO Sam Altman was removed from his position, only to be reinstated less than a week later.

One of the issues said to have sparked Altman’s temporary ouster was his plan to move forward with the custom GPT store.

When first announced in early November, OpenAI compared its forthcoming store to Apple’s revolutionary App Store.

The company noted over two million developers globally already utilize its products. To spur further adoption, OpenAI gave away $500 in credits to audience members at its Developer Day event.

Initially, the store will exclusively feature verified developers, but OpenAI intends to eventually approve apps from all creators. Revenues from the most popular programs will be shared with their designers.

The delay is an indicator OpenAI is treading cautiously given recent criticism over bias and factual inaccuracies with certain AI models. Safety and ethics are likely being more closely evaluated prior to public release.

Last year saw explosive interest in generative AI, sparked primarily by the launch of OpenAI’s viral ChatGPT conversational agent in November 2022.

According to mobile analytics provider, over 110 million downloads of ChatGPT’s mobile app have occurred since debuting on iOS last May.

In just six months, ChatGPT has created $28.6 million in global consumer spending. With anticipation over the OpenAI store postponement, the next major milestone will be its eventual opening in early 2024.

Despite the setback, OpenAI remains committed to its long-term vision of democratizing access to AI.

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