How To Delete OpenAI Account (Details Explained)

Deleting your OpenAI account is a straightforward process that allows you to remove your presence from the platform. As a responsible user, it’s essential to understand the process of deleting your OpenAI account and what happens to your data after deletion.

How To Delete OpenAI Account

If you’ve decided to delete your OpenAI account, you’ll find the step by step guidelines through this post.

Deleting Your OpenAI Account

Deleting your OpenAI account is a straightforward process. By following these steps, you can ensure the permanent removal of your account:

  1. Login to your OpenAI Account: Visit the OpenAI website ( and log in using your account credentials.
  2. Contact OpenAI Support: Once logged in, locate the “Help” button in the bottom right corner of the screen and click on it.
  3. Submit Account Deletion Request: From the support options, choose “Send us a message.” Then, select “Account Deletion” as the subject of your request. Follow the provided workflow to complete the account deletion process.
  4. Confirmation and Waiting Period: After submitting your account deletion request, OpenAI will process it. You will receive a confirmation once the deletion has been completed. Please note that it may take up to four weeks for your request to be fully processed.

Remember, deleting your OpenAI account means losing access to all OpenAI services and products associated with your account. Additionally, any data linked to your account will be permanently deleted.

What Happens to Your Data?

Data privacy is a paramount concern when deleting your OpenAI account. You may wonder what happens to your data after the deletion process.

Data TypeRetention PeriodDeletion Policy
API SubmissionsUp to 30 daysDeleted after 30 days, unless required by law
User Files (e.g., fine-tuning)Until the user deletes the fileUser-controlled deletion
Customer API Data for Model TrainingOnly used with explicit user consentNot used without user consent
Other Account DataPermanently deletedDeleted upon account deletion

OpenAI takes data privacy seriously and ensures the protection of your information. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Complete Data Deletion: Upon deleting your OpenAI account, all associated data will be permanently erased. This includes your profile information, conversations, API usage, and any other data connected to your account.
  2. Data Retention Period: OpenAI retains user data for a limited time after an account is deleted. For data submitted through the API, OpenAI retains it for up to 30 days for monitoring and abuse prevention purposes. However, all data will be deleted after this retention period unless otherwise required by law.
  3. User Consent for Model Improvement: OpenAI does not use customer data submitted via the API to train or improve its models by default. OpenAI respects user privacy and will only utilize the data when customers explicitly choose to share it for model improvement.
  4. Data Privacy and Third-Party Sharing: OpenAI maintains a strict policy against selling user data or sharing content with third parties for marketing purposes. Your data remains confidential and is used solely for the intended service provision.

To address any data privacy concerns or exercise your data privacy rights, you can submit a data privacy request by contacting OpenAI at

OpenAI’s Commitment to Data Privacy

OpenAI understands the importance of data privacy and continually updates its policies to safeguard user information. By adhering to their data retention policy and incorporating robust security measures, OpenAI demonstrates a strong commitment to protecting user privacy.


Data privacy is a critical consideration in today’s digital landscape. By understanding the process of deleting your OpenAI account and being aware of OpenAI’s data retention policy, you can ensure the secure removal of your data.

OpenAI’s commitment to data privacy and user confidentiality underscores its dedication to maintaining a trustworthy platform.

Remember, if you decide to delete your OpenAI account, you should carefully weigh the consequences, as it results in the permanent loss of access to OpenAI services and associated data.

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