50+ Midjourney Prompts For Art Styles

Art is a boundless realm of creativity, where artists express themselves through a myriad of styles, each a unique language conveying emotions, stories, and perspectives.

In this post, I embark on a creative journey through the vast tapestry of art styles, exploring distinct prompts that encapsulate the essence of various artistic expressions.

Midjourney Styles Prompts

1. Realism

Prompt: Realistic depiction of an old oak tree in autumn –v 5

Capture the intricate details of nature, bringing to life the textures and colors of an aging oak tree in the midst of fall.

2. Surrealism

Prompt: Surreal interpretation of underwater cityscape –v 5

Dive into the depths of imagination, creating a surreal city beneath the waves where reality blurs with the fantastical.

3. Abstract Expressionism

Prompt: Abstract expressionist portrayal of inner chaos –v 5

Channel raw emotions onto the canvas, using bold strokes and vibrant colors to express the tumultuous nature of the human psyche.

4. Pointillism

Prompt: Pointillist representation of a bustling market –v 5

Embark on a meticulous journey, using tiny dots to capture the energy and vibrancy of a lively marketplace.

5. Digital Art

Prompt: Digital art illustration of a cyberpunk metropolis –v 5

Explore the fusion of technology and creativity, crafting a futuristic cityscape in the digital realm.

6. Pointillism

Prompt: pointillist landscape with a vibrant sunset –v 5

Transform urban spaces into canvases of expression, using vibrant colors and bold strokes to convey a message of unity.

7. Minimalism

Prompt: minimalist interpretation of a coffee cup –v 5

8. Digital Art

Prompt: digital illustration of a futuristic city –v 5

9.Graffiti Art

Prompt: graffiti-style mural of diverse faces –v 5

10. Watercolor

Prompt: watercolor painting of a serene forest scene –v 5

11. Oil Painting

Prompt: classic oil painting of a rustic countryside –v 5

12. Charcoal Sketch

Prompt: charcoal sketch of a contemplative figure –v 5

13. Collage

Prompt: collage artwork featuring vintage elements –v 5

14. Hyperrealism

Prompt: hyperrealistic still life of everyday objects –v 5

15. Street Art

Prompt: street art-inspired mural celebrating diversity –v 5

16. Fauvism

Prompt: fauvist landscape with bold, vibrant colors –v 5

17. Abstract Impressionism

Prompt: abstract impressionist portrayal of a stormy sea –v 5

18. Geometric Abstraction

Prompt: geometric abstract artwork inspired by nature –v 5

19. Body Painting

Prompt: body painting showcasing tribal patterns –v 5

20. Steampunk Art

Prompt: steampunk-inspired illustration of a flying machine –v 5

21. Renaissance Art

Prompt: renaissance-style portrait of a noblewoman –v 5

22. Street Photography

Prompt: street photography capturing urban life at night –v 5

23. Japanese Woodblock Print

Prompt: Japanese woodblock print of cherry blossoms –v 5

24. Abstract Realism

Prompt: abstract realist interpretation of a city skyline –v 5

25. Graffiti Lettering

Prompt: graffiti-style lettering with a positive message –v 5

26. Mosaic Art

Prompt: mosaic artwork inspired by marine life –v 5

27. Urban Sketching

Prompt: urban sketch capturing the hustle and bustle of a market –v 5

28. Decoupage

Prompt: decoupage artwork featuring vintage postcards –v 5

29. Photorealism

Prompt: photorealistic painting of a city street –v 5

30. Art Nouveau

Prompt: art nouveau-style illustration of flowing vines –v 5

31. 3D Printing Art

Prompt: 3D printed sculpture inspired by technology –v 5

32. Acrylic Pour Painting

Prompt: acrylic pour painting with vibrant and fluid colors –v 5

33. Indigenous Art

Prompt: indigenous-inspired artwork celebrating cultural heritage –v 5

34. Op Art

Prompt: op art piece creating optical illusions –v 5

35. Pixel Art

Prompt: pixel art representation of a retro video game character –v 5

36. Wire Sculpture

Prompt: wire sculpture of a graceful dancer –v 5

37. Persian Miniature Painting

Prompt: Persian miniature painting of a mythical creature –v 5

38. Monochromatic Art

Prompt: monochromatic artwork exploring shades of blue –v 5

39. Digital Collage

Prompt: digital collage depicting a dreamlike scene –v 5

40. Indigenous Dot Painting

Prompt: indigenous dot painting illustrating a spiritual connection –v 5

41. Kinetic Art

Prompt: kinetic sculpture with moving elements –v 5

42. Chiaroscuro

Prompt: chiaroscuro painting with dramatic light and shadow –v 5

43. Typography Art

Prompt: typography artwork conveying a motivational quote –v 5

44. Solarplate Etching

Prompt: solarplate etching of a celestial landscape –v 5

45. Scratchboard Art

Prompt: scratchboard art depicting an endangered species –v 5

46. Persian Calligraphy

Prompt: Persian calligraphy of a timeless poem –v 5

47. Pastel Drawing

Prompt: pastel drawing capturing the essence of spring –v 5

48. Graffiti Murals

Prompt: graffiti murals reflecting cultural diversity –v 5

49. Linocut Print

Prompt: linocut print of a historical cityscape –v 5

50. Stained Glass Art

Prompt: stained glass artwork featuring vibrant geometric patterns –v 5

How To Use Midjourney Prompts For Art Creation

To use Midjourney prompts for art creation, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a platform: Midjourney can be accessed through various platforms, such as Discord, where you can type /imagine followed by your prompt in a designated channel or direct message.
  2. Give specific details: Be precise and descriptive in your prompt to guide the AI in generating the desired image. For example, instead of “man on his laptop,” write “musician looking at his laptop excitedly”.
  3. Enhance with style and keywords: Add style and keywords to make your image more interesting. Midjourney’s AI can create images in different styles like abstract, dream-like, or true-to-life. You can also use parameters to change aspect ratios, quality, randomness, or avoid specific elements in the final result.
  4. Use prompt generators: To get inspiration and a great foundation for your initial prompt, you can use prompt generators like the ones found on Reddit or other online resources.
  5. Edit and refine your images: Once Midjourney has generated your image, you can edit and refine it as needed.
  6. Experiment with different styles and techniques: Midjourney prompts can be used to create various styles of art, such as Impressionism, Fauvism, or Surrealism. You can also use techniques like watercolor sketches, cinemagraphs, or naive art to achieve different effects.

Remember that the more detailed and vivid your description, the more remarkable the results will be.

By following these steps, you can create stunning visuals and generate captivating art using Midjourney prompts.


As we embark on this journey through diverse art styles, we invite you to appreciate the beauty that lies in the unique voices of artists across the ages and cultures.

Whether it’s the precision of realism, the dreamlike landscapes of surrealism, or the bold statements of street art, each style contributes to the rich tapestry of human creativity.

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